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International performances

    "A Man Called Rolex"/"Manden de kaldte Rolex" – Teatergruppen Batida (Denmark)
"A Stormy Night"/"Nuit d’Orage" – Le Carrousel (Canada)
"A Story Of The Girl In Blue"/"A kékruhás kislány története" – Ciróka Puppet Theatre (Hungary)
"A True Tall Tale"/"En sand roeverhistorie" – Teatret Gruppe 38/Carte Blanche (Denmark)
"Alice" – De Stilte (The Netherlands)
"Ants" – Polyglot Theatre (Australia)
"Chook&Gek: A Journey To Cheer Warm Hearts"/"Чук & Гек" – Melting Point/NVT (Russia, Norway)
"Dazzling Okinawa" – Art Community Organisation Okinawa (Japan)
"Farfalle" – Compagnia TPO (Italy)
"Fireflies"/"Broučci" – Minor Theatre (Czech Republic)
"Goldilocks"/"Zlatovláska" – Drak Theatre (Czech Republic)
"Heading For High Ground"/"Die besseren Wälder" – GRIPS Theater (Germany)
"If you don't say it, who will know?"/"Si no lo cuentas, ¿quién sabrá?" – Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico)/Baj Theatre (Poland)
"Invisi’BALL" – Nadine Animato Theater Dance Company (Israel)
"Jugar" – Compañía Teatro al Vacío (Mexico)
"King" – Maas Theater en Dans (The Netherlands)
"Konek-Gorbunok" /"Конёк-Горбунок" – A.S. Pushkin Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre (Russia)
"Maja And Me And Maja"/"Maja i ja i Maja" – Bitef Theatre (Serbia)
"Museum of Memories"/"Minnenes Museum" – NIE Theatre (Norway)
"Rapunzel" – Tutti Frutti (Great Britain)
"Sister, I Do Not Know What Brother"/"Sœur, je ne sais pas quoi frère" – Cie Pour Ainsi Dire (France)
"Sleep Well Dear Moon"/"Schlaf gut süßer Mond" – Dschungel Wien/IYASA (Austria/Zimbabwe)
"Spot" – La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Italy)
"The Black Sheep"/"La Pecora Nera" – Teatro Distinto (Italy)
"The Magical Theatrical Vending Machine"/"Zázračný divadelný automat" – Teatro Tatro (Slovakia)
"Thumbelina"/"Palculienka" – Karol Spišak Old Theatre (Slovakia)
"Vitéz László Traditional Puppet Show"/"Vitéz László Tradícionális bábjáték" – BábSzínTér Puppet Theater (Hungary)
"We Used To Be Birds"/"Madarak Voltunk" – Mesebolt Puppet Theatre (Hungary)

"A Man Called Rolex"/"Manden de kaldte Rolex" – Teatergruppen Batida (Denmark)

theatre directors: Søren Ovesen, Tine Sørensen, Karen rasmussen, Simon Holm, Sus Hauch

author: Alex Byrne, Søren Ovesen
translation: Alex Byrne
director: Alex Byrne
set design: Nathalie Melbye
music: Batida
cast: Danay Anaya, Lene Christiansen, Rasmus Glendorf, Simon Holm, Søren Ovesen, Karen Rasmussen, Tine Sørensen, Maria Sonne, Per Thomsen

premiere date: June 28th 2013

It could have been a Greek tragedy, but turned into a black comedy straight from the former Eastern bloc. Alex Byrne, the British director and Batida, the music/theatre company, have joined forces to send us on a journey from the not very distant past. The play tells the story of a painter, who has been commisioned to paint the Great Leader. In the meantime, he meets a woman and under her inluence he re-evaluates his outlook on life. When their son grows up, he becomes a member of the security forces, and receives the order to arrest his rebellious father. However, during the 1989 revolt, he will stand with the opposition of the Great Leader.

audience age group: 12+
duration: 65 minutes

"A Stormy Night"/"Nuit d’Orage" – Le Carrousel (Canada)

theatre directors: Suzanne Lebeau, Gervais Gaudreault

author: Michèle Lemieux
director: Gervais Gaudreault
assistant director&translator: Milena Buziak
set design: Stéphane Longpré
music: Diane Labrosse
costumes&props: Linda Brunelle
accessories: Julie Vallée-Léger
lighting design: Dominique Gagnon
make-up: François Cyr
hair: Géraldine Courchesne
cast: Ludger Côté, Émilie Lévesque

premiere date : November 5th 2010

A little girl on a stormy night. Questions spring up in her mind. Thoughts are born, take flight, come back, and bounce off the invisible walls of consciousness. In the depth of night, the child wonders about the meaning of life, ponders troubling questions, weighs up the infinitely small and the infinitely large. The wind increases, and suddenly the storm blows up: fear grips her. And what if...? With humour, appropriateness, and subtlety, Stormy Night explores how uncertainty invades the mind at an age when consciousness begins to intrude upon our carefree existence, never to let go of us.

"In fact, it is the most beautiful staging of a children’s play I have witnessed in the 18 years of my carreer as a children’s theatre critic. The performance delights with its delicate use of projected images (blown-up versions of Lemieux’s sketches) and brilliant lighting and sound design. Uncanny creatures and fantastical costumes crafted so as to be inhabited and/or manipulated by Ludger Côté, will certaily merit future design awards. (…) Director Gervais Gaudreault surrounded himself with a fabulous creative team, translating Lemieux’s sketches and words into an experience to forever be remembered."
Kathryn Greenaway, "The Gazette"

audience age group: 6–10
duration: 50 minutes


"A Story Of The Girl In Blue"/"A kékruhás kislány története" – Ciróka Puppet Theatre (Hungary)

theatre director: Ágnes Kiszely

director: Rita Bartal Kiss
set design: Mária Horváth
music: Erzsi Kiss
scenery&video: Péter Sisak
cast: Eszter Aracs, Júlia Rita Krucsó, Balázs Szabó

premiere date: February 4th 2006

There is nothing more exciting than imagining the story of the characters while admiring a picture. Since every painting, every picture tells its own story, it is enough to just look at it carefully. Every detail gives a hint, and if we are attentive enough, we immediately become part of a wonderful story.

The creators of the performance have a double goal: to make children acquainted with Picasso and to propose an exciting game. We want to invite them into a fantasy world, where we can talk freely about what we have seen. Whether we are in an art gallery or looking at a picture book at home, we can do it in a creative manner, but only if we want to. The performance is accompanied by Erzsi Kiss’s contemporary music.

As an urban puppet theatre, Ciróka’s primary goal is to endear theatre to children, to use its high quality performances in order to raise public interest in theatre, and to turn theatre into a part of their everyday life. In parallel with the creation of traditional puppet theatre productions, Ciróka considers the professional development of its staff extremely important, and hence the search for new and alternative art forms. In order to achieve this they often work with internationally recognized Hungarian and foreign experts.

audience age group: 6+
duration: 55 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Balassi Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.


"A True Tall Tale"/"En sand roeverhistorie" – Teatret Gruppe 38/Carte Blanche (Denmark)

theatre director: Bodil Alling

based freely on the books by Selma Lagerlöf
script: Bodil Alling, Li Have Lehmann
translation: Sven Ømø
directors: Sara Topsøe-Jensen, Bodil Alling, Søren Søndberg, Kim Glud, Søren la Cour, Lars Kristian Olesen
music: Søren Søndberg
cast: Bodil Alling, Søren Søndberg, Søren la Cour, Lars Kristian Olesen

premiere date: November 27th 2011

"Don’t go through the forest
robbers lie in wait
they will threaten your life"
Heedless of the warnings the old monk and his young disciple walk into the forest
on an icy cold winter’s day…
for they have heard about a miracle
that is almost too good to be true

Sleep well"

"The performance wants to tell us something important! Not by spelling it out, but by appealing to our imagination. A marvelous experience, great, intense and moving."
Aarhus Stiftstidende, Regional Danish Newspaper

audience age group: 8+
duration: 45 minutes

"Alice" – De Stilte (The Netherlands)

theatre director: Jan Baanstra

direction&choreography: Jack Timmermans
set design: Martijn Hohmann, Bart Mostart
music: Timothy van der Holst
animation: Bert Vogels
cast: Alex Havadi-Nagy, Wiktoria Czakon, Mirella de Almeida Castagna, Kaia Vercammen

premiere date: February 22nd 2009

"The audience was captivated by this beautiful dance version of Alice. The choreographer Jack Timmermans, who intentionally encouraged young spectators to let their imagination run free, turned the well-known children's book into an idiosyncratic mixture of dance, shadow theatre and pantomime. Carefree and witty as well as subtle and poetic, more than once it brought on a silent fascination inside the Forum Studio.

Tremendously alluring are the scenes when the members of De Stilte from the Dutch city of Breda play with the incredible light and shadow effects, or when as if magically, images shimmer and sparkle on the background wall. Or when in the enchanted landscape of flowers, suddenly a fantasy forest appears where colourful butterflies flutter by and birds flit about. There are scenes of breathtaking beauty like the image of a night sky and the rising of the sun as well as scenes, in which Alice lights up light bulbs with a delicate touch. Sighs of admiration turn into loud laughter during the reckless game of hide-and-seek, in which the dancers playfully use the mobile decor. Three doors of different sizes lead onto the stage, and the revolving door in the middle offers a few tricks of its own.

Exactly how much one can say with only the right movements is already proven in the first scene when Alice gets 'rowed into' wonderland. The dancer's movements slowly set the other performers in motion, as if they were oars."
"Mesmerizing Alice", Monika Klein, "Rheinische Post", September 23rd 2009

audience age group: 6+
duration: 60 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


"Ants" – Polyglot Theatre (Australia)

artistic director: Sue Giles

director: Ian Pidd
executive producer: Tamara Harrison
cast: Hanna Jurczak, Joanna Płóciennik, Joanna Sieradzan

premiere date: 2012

"Ants" is a new work from Australia's leading creator of interactive theatre for children, the Polyglot Theatre, which that brings human-sized ants into a public site for a mix of roving performance and large scale interaction with children and adults.
Some careless giant has left breadcrumbs scattered around, but luckily the ants are here to pick up after them. Children are tasked with finding the crumbs and bringing them to the ants, all the while receiving their instructions through the strange language the ants use to communicate with those around them.
Soon the entire area is a hive of industrious activity as the children learn to interact with these gentle creatures, following the ants' lead as they in turn are inspired by the children's ideas. Breadcrumbs are stacked and ordered, organised and re-ordered in a never-ending cycle of playful work. Join the Ants and follow the breadcrumbs!

audience age group: 3+
duration: 30 minutes

"Chook&Gek: A Journey To Cheer Warm Hearts"/"Чук & Гек" – Melting Point/NVT (Russia)

theatre director: Taisa Nahina

based on novel by Arkady Gaidar
script: Maria Kritskaya
director: Maria Kritskaya
set design: Katerina Malinina
music: Zinaida Lihtenfeld, Leonid Levin
cast: Mariya Schustrova, Vladimir Antipov, Alexander Lenin

premiere date: May 29th 2012

"Chook&Gek: a Journey to Cheer Warm Hearts" draws from an avant-garde combination of puppet theatre and video installations. The performance is based on the story "Chook&Gek" by Arkady Gaidar, but is not just a stage adaptation. "Chook&Gek" is intended for audiences of any nationality, as there are no dialogues!

audience age group: 6–12
duration: 70 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Barents Kult


"Dazzling Okinawa" – Art Community Organisation Okinawa (Japan)

producer: Hisashi Shimoyama

author&director: Haruo Misumi
set design: Zenkou Taki
music: Yasushi Matsumoto
costume design: Michiyo Abe
image: Bokunen Naka
choreography: Sayuri Chibana
sound: Hisahi Tomiyama
light: Narie Matsuda
stage manager: Takayuki Inomata
cast: Sayuri Chinel, Ayako Fujito, Asako Nishiyama, Yoshikazu Sanabe, Ayaka Nakazato, Mion Kamei, ARIA

premiere date: February 20th 2013

"Dazzling Okinawa" is a musical performance, which presents Okinawa’s greatest achievements in art through a story about the life of a young fisherman Sanla and his lover Kanah. Kanah prays on the beach for Sanla’s safe return. When he comes back, Kanah goes to town to sell the fish Sanla caught, and this gives the audience the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the customs of a fishing village. When the night falls, the beach turns into a stage for young lovers. They build a house together and get married. Following the family festivities, the villagers sing and dance to celebrate the harvest.

audience age group: 4+
duration: 50 minutes


"Farfalle" – Compagnia TPO (Italy)

theatre directors: Francesco Gandi, Davide Venturini

script&direction: Francesco Gandi, Davide Venturini
collaboration on script: Stefania Zampiga
digital design: Elsa Mersi
sound design: Spartaco Cortesi
computer engineering: Rossano Monti
costumes: Loretta Mugnai
props: Gregory Petitqueux, Valerio Calonego, Livia Cortesi
voice-over: Charlotte Zerbey
management: Chiara Saponari, Valentina Martini, Francesca Nunziati
cast (dancers): Carolina Serenella Amoretti, Viola Esposti Ongaro

premiere date: 2007

A one-of-a-kind, multimedia performance using the most advanced theatre technologies. A feast of interactive images. The flutter of a butterfly's wings brings to mind painting the air with a brush. Butterflies resemble ballet dancers. What a shame this delightful show only lasts a day: from dawn until dusk. The stage is occupied by a butterfly house made of gauze. Two dancers move, play and paint in the air. They invite the audience to discover a fascinating process: the slow metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly.

audience age group: 4+
duration: 50 minutes

"Fireflies"/"Broučci" – Minor Theatre (Czech Republic)

theatre director: Zdenek Pechaček

author: Adéla Balzerovà, Jan Jirků
director: Jan Jirků
set design: Hynek Dřizhal
music: Jiři Kadeřábek
costumes: Tereza Venclová
cast: Diana Čičmanová, Marie Štipková, Kateřina Tichá, Ondřej Bauer, Gustav Hašek, Hynek Chmelař, Karel Kratochvíl, Ondřej Nosálek, Petr Stach

premiere date: October 3rd 2010

A little Firefly is born. And how restless it is! And as it grows, so does its curiosity. It wants to see everything and know everything, and as soon hit learns to fly, it sets out on a journey to discover the world. On its journey Firefly gets to know many other bugs, some funny, some dangerous, some so beautiful they make our little Firefly feel dizzy.

A puppet story of a little Firefly and one midsummer night; a microcosmos without a word, inspired by a book by Jan Karafiát.

audience age group: 4+
duration: 60 minutes

"Goldilocks"/"Zlatovláska" – Drak Theatre (Czech Republic)

theatre director: Eliška Finková

author&director: Josef Krofta
set design: Marek Zákostelecký
music: Jiři Vyšoglid
cast: Dušan Hřebiček, Václav Poul, Jan Popela, Jiři Vyšohlid, Luděk Smadiš, Filip Huml

premiere date: November 7th2008

The plot of the play is based on the popular fairytale but it is set in an unusual environment, a kitchen of a restaurant, where several cooks are getting ready to prepare dishes. One of them, absorbed in reading the tale of Goldilocks burns the onion. Meanwhile, Servant George tastes a magical snake, which gives the king the power to understand the speech of animals. In order to save his life, he sets out to look for the golden-haired maiden among the pots, mixers, spoons, pans, and meat grinders. And Goldilocks? She is simply appetizing!

Actors dazzle with humor and culinary skills. Cooks are cooking and frying while searching for Goldilocks. The performance, although aimed at children, will certainly be appreciated by adults. It will provide typical and unusual theatrical experiences… and aromas!

audience age group: 6+
duration: 60 minutes

"Heading For High Ground"/"Die besseren Wälder" – GRIPS Theater (Germany)

artistic director: Stefan Fischer-Fels

author: Martin Baltscheit
director: Robert Neumann
set design: Max Julian Otto
choreography: Clébio Oliveira
dramaturgy: Kirstin Hess
theatre pedagogue: Laura Klatt
cast: Jennifer Breitrück, Paul Jumin Hoffman, Alessa Kordeck, Robert Neumann, René Schubert

premiere date: March 30th 2012

Ferdiand is a wolf, who lives with sheep after having lost his parents. His sheep-parents adopt him and bring him up to be the best sheep. As he is bestowed with great voice he is encouraged to sing. In the enclosed world of sheep, life has its secure regular rhythm. When he grows up, he begins to venture out onto the other side of the fence. One such trip ends with the death of his sheep-girlfriend, and Ferdinand the "wolf in a sheep’s skin" is accused of murder and banished from the community. Wandering around, he comes across other outcasts. They open before him new ways of life. "It is not important where you come from. It is important where you go and with whom." In the form of a parabola and with dry humour, Martin Baltscheit tells a story about coming of age, crossing borders, social roles and searching for one’s identity.

This spectacle received numerous awards, among them the Deutsche Jugendtheaterpreis.

audience age group: 12+
duration: 80 minutes


"If you don't say it, who will know?"/"Si no lo cuentas, ¿quién sabrá?" – Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico)/Baj Theatre (Poland)

author: Berta Hiriart
director: Ewa Piotrowska
stage design: Edyta Rzewuska
music: Gonzalo Macias
production: Marisa Giménez Cacho
executive production: David Castillo
assistant producer: Karina de la Cruz
assistant director: Fernando Reyes
puppet maker: Iker Vicente
cast: Tania Olhovich, Sofia Sylwin, Rodolfo Guerrero, Pablo Martin

premiere date: May 3rd 2014

"If you don't say it, who will know?" is a story told by Irena, a Pole who has spent her life in Mexico. After 70 years of silence, she tells her grandchildren about her war exile, compulsory stay in Siberia and a journey to Santa Rosa. What made her hide the past from her nearest and dearest for such a long time? How have the events from the past shaped her life? Why can't she talk about herself? Thanks to a unique combination of multimedia and puppet theatre, the spectacle touches upon a very important and difficult subject – war – in a very delicate and subtle manner. Using a metaphore, it provides the spectators with plenty food for thought on how the past can influence the present.

The show has been produced in cooperation of the National Institute of Fine Arts (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes) in Mexico, Baj Theatre in Warsaw and the Polish Embassy in Mexico.

audience age group: 10+
duration: 60 min

The show is co-produced by National Institute of Fine Arts (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes) in Mexico, Baj Theatre in Warsaw and Polish Embassy in Mexico.


"Invisi’BALL" – Nadine Animato Theater Dance Company (Israel)

theatre director: Nadine Bommer

script, direction, choreography&set design: Nadine Bommer
music editing: DJ Vic Phelach
light design: Ziv Velushin
cast: Galya Cohen, Maor Shiri-Zuriel, Daniel Royzman, Sapir Safriel, Shir Sofer, Roni Amitai, Sharon Cherniavsky, Sivan Chriqui, Lital Avidor, Mor Mizrachi

premiere date: June 18th 2011

Ten female dancers play ten football players! The soundtrack of the play consists of football hymns and fans' roaring. With Nadine Bommer’s unique word-and-dance language, the stage is transformed into a surpising, amusing and multi-cultural football field... straight from kick-off.

"The rhythm, the dynamics, the stirring music, the set and especially the talented line-up of dancers create a multi-sensual theatrical experience... the dancers mobility makes the audience rise in their seats, give in to the beat of the music and to the vivacity radiating from the stage."
Hanna Ofire, Culture Coordinator at "Dror" Educational Center, Israel

audience age group: 8-99
duration: 50 minutes

"Jugar" – Compañía Teatro al Vacío (Mexico)

theatre directors: Adrián Hernández, José Agüero

script&direction: Adrián Hernández, José Agüero
set design: Mauricio Ascencio
music: Eblen Macari
costume design: Benjamín Barrios
cast: Adrián Hernández, José Agüero

premiere date: October 7th 2012

Do we all play the same way? While playing, do we all have the same ideas? Do we prefer to play on our own or with others? How to know what to play and who to play with? Are there any rules? Do we have to reach an agreement? These and other questions arise in this play, where children can take sides and come up with their own answers. Risk, experimentation, exploring unfamiliar roads, building bridges and walls. Significant discoveries will lead to answers.

audience age group: 3–6
duration: 45 minutes



"King" – Maas Theater en Dans (The Netherlands)

theatre director: Moniek Merkx

concept&choreography: Duda Paiva
costumes: Marjo van der Pols, Dorine van Ijsseldijk
dancers: Ana Teixido, Tim Velraeds

premiere date: April 13th 2014 (resumption)

Ancient Greeks had many gods. They resembled ordinary people, but their uncontrollable desires often drove them to commit terrible deeds. And the Greeks were also excellent storytellers. Choreographer Duda Paiva injects new life into three ancient Greek myths, magical stories about greed, stupidity and confusion. Mythical beings, hewn from stone, come to life. The result is a series of encounters between dancers and puppets, full of suspense and humour.

audience age group: 9+
duration: 30 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


"Konek-Gorbunok" /"Конёк-Горбунок" – A.S. Pushkin Krasnoyarsk Drama Theatre (Russia)

theatre director: Petr Anikin

author: Petr Ershov
director: Oleg Rybkin
set design: Elena Turchaninova
music: Ekaterina Berestova
musicians: Oleg Bratcev (double bass), Olga Polyak-Braginskaya (violin), Konstantin Konovalov (balalaika)
cast: Aleksei Isachenko, Svetlana Ilyina, Vladimir Abakanovskiy, Ivan Yanyuk, Anastasia Medvedeva, Sergey Danilenko, Vitaly Kozyrev, Tatiana Chubaro

premiere date: December 17th 2011

Spectators invariably everywhere, both kids and their parents, admire this wonderful musical tale by Oleg Rybkin. The Krasnoyarsk "Konek-Gorbunok" enchants by its subtle sense of humor, great acting, man-made costumes and decorations, live singing and mini-orchestra onstage. One of the highlights of the performance is the emergence of a whale that "Swallowed three dozen vessels out at sea...".

audience age group: 6+
duration: 70 minutes


"Maja And Me And Maja"/"Maja i ja i Maja" – Bitef Theatre (Serbia)

theatre director: Milos Latinovic

author: Milan Markovic Matthis
director: Anja Susa
set design: Zorana Petrov
music: Igor Gostuski
dramaturgy: Sasa Bozic
choreography: Ksenija Zec
costume design: Maja Mirkovic
light design: Sasa Bozic, Anja Susa
cast (dancers): Milos Isailovic, Luka Mihovilovic, Nevena Jovanovic
cast (actors): Masa Dakic, Damjan Kecojevic, Jelena Ilic

premiere date: June 4th 2012

This project draws its inspiration from a novel written by the Serbian author Sreten Ugričić, uses the original text by Milan Marković and the series of children’s books by the Belgian authors Marcel Marlier and Gilbert Delahaye. In the original the name of the main character is Martine.

The book itseld was the basis, upon which over 50 books were later written and translated into numerous languages, whilst the main character had her name changed to Martinka, Emma, Debbie etc. In the Yugoslav version, the main character was called Maya (Maja) and the illustrated-book considerably influenced many generations. Ugričić's book, written in 1993, focuses on the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the political changes in Europe. Through the character of Maya and the specific atmosphere, the author creates a metaphor of a fairy-tale-like happy childhood which comes to an extremely brutal end.

"Judging by the ovations not only after, but also during the performance, the production enthralled the viewers. The retro style of the set and costumes, the abundance of humour and the actors’ spontaneity, contribute to a highly dynamic production. Classical narration, theatre of movement, mime, singing, dancing – all of these are elements, which enrichen the fabric of the production (…). The theme, which starts at an intimate level, expands to a social context. Behind the humour and playfulness of the stage presentation lies a firm connection to reality and a clear critique of the social and political situation in the region of former Yugoslavia."
"The Production ‘Maya and Me and Maya’ Won the Croatian Audience", Maja Brlek, "Croatia"

audience age group: 15+
duration: 70 minutes

"Museum of Memories"/"Minnenes Museum" – NIE Theatre (Norway)

theatre director: Iva Moberg

concept&direction: Kjell Moberg
co-director: Alex Byrne
music: Helder Deploige
design: Katja Ebbel Frederiksen
production: Iva Moberg, Guri Glans
cast: Helder Deploige, Kieran Edwards, Guri Glans/Charlotte Grundt, Iva Moberg, Tomáš Měcháček/Dagfinn Tutturen

premiere date: April 26th 2012

The NIE artists have created their own 70 m2 mobile museum surrounded by walls of rusty drawers. Inside this space, five people reconstruct lost life. Two brothers, a neighbour, a teacher and a lover tell stories with warmth, humour and music about the loved one they have lost – a brother, a student, a next-door friend and a first love.

The audience sits close together inside the intimate venue that resembles an archive, and from close-up listen to actors weaving their stories. After the performance, the rusty drawers open to reveal exhibits, the space turns into a small museum, a room for reflection offering sensory impressions that can awaken associations with the spectators’ own lives and own memories.

audience age group: 15+
duration: 60 minutes + 15 minutes exhibition

Show is financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


"Rapunzel" – Tutti Frutti (Great Britain)

theatre director: Wendy Harris

author: Mike Kenny
director: Wendy Harris
set design: Catherine Chapman
music: Chris Mellor
movement director: TC Howard
stage manager: Elliot Clark
cast: Gayle Newbolt, Alicia McKenzie, Danny Childs

premiere date: September 27th 2012

Rapunzel is a story of a girl, who is taken away from the world she knows and is protected from everything she loves. Placed high-up in a tower and faced with the challenge of growing-up in solitude, she finds company in her dreams….

"Mike Kenny’s script is lyrical and mesmerising, and Wendy Harris’s direction has combined with a talented team of actors to create a method of storytelling that kept even the youngest of children in the audience transfixed."
Cameron Lowe, "Sheffield Telegraph"

audience age group: 3+
duration: 55 minutes


"Sister, I Do Not Know What Brother"/"Sœur, je ne sais pas quoi frère" – Cie Pour Ainsi Dire (France)

theatre director: Sylviane Fortuny

author: Philippe Dorin
translation: Mike Tijessens
director: Sylviane Fortuny
set design: Sylviane Fortuny, Kelig Le Bars, Magali Murbach
music: Catherine Pavet
cast: Mireille Franchino, Carole Got, Catherine Pavet, Sophie Verbeeck

premiere date: November 10th 2012

"Sister, I Do Not Know What Brother" is a detective story resembling a game of Cluedo, where the plot takes place behind closed doors. Five sisters, aged from 10 to 75, are beset with a family secret. Even though not all of them are aware of its existence, it is a determining factor in the life of every one of them. Men, and to put it more precisely, their telling absence, is at the very heart of the secret that both fascinates the women and poisons their family relations.

Sylviane Fortuny and Philippe Dorin set the play in a world inspired by their experiences in Russia. The well-directed and convincing performance asks important questions about family ties and about the sense of continuity between generations. In the world of abandoned princesses and red guards, the five sisters live up to the Western notion of Russian women — determined, elegant but lost and confused at the same time. Nested in each other like matryoshka dolls, the five sisters gradually reveal their little secrets that have much to do with the family secret…

audience age group : 9+
duration: 60 minutes

"Sleep Well Dear Moon"/"Schlaf gut süßer Mond" – Dschungel Wien/IYASA (Austria/Zimbabwe)

author&director: Stephan Rabl
music: Innocent Dube
costumes: Segolene de Witt
cast: Thembinkosi Dube, Roben Mlauzi, Bekithemba Phiri, Lameck Keswa, Sibonisiwe Sithole, Cheryl Mabaya, Nyasha Dziruni, Buhlebenkosi Sibanda

premiere date: April 9th 2012

How sweet our dreams are when the sun goes to sleep! The day was full of adventures and our eyes grow tired. The sun blinks at us, as if it was saying: "Sleep well, my little one; we’ll meet again tomorrow, now the moon will guard you. And then we hear our parents’ voices, those familiar words lulling us to sleep. We listen to bedtime stories and soothing sounds, which tell us “Good night, my darling." And we softly slumber to… but suddenly… what’s that sound filling our ears and enveloping us lightly? Our eyes begin to shine again and a little smile appears upon our lips. The room fills with music and we hear beautiful lullabies. All creatures of the night, the man on the moon, the many sheep that we cannnot count, the stars that light up our dreams and the fantastic fairy creatures that fill this magical night. Yes, we still want to savour the day, we want the moon to wait a little longer and let us delight in the most wonderful moments of the day. Finally, when the songs have carried us to sleep, when the first dreams have colored our room, we will say "Sleep well, dear moon!".

Lullabies from Africa are at the origin of this story, which will lead the audience through the world of magic and show them that the moon is watching over us after the sun has said goodnight. The artists’ voices carry us away into the magical world of dreaming…

audience age group: 2+
duration: 45 minutes

"Spot" – La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi (Italy)

artistic directors: Valeria Frabetti, Bruno Cappagli

authors: Andrea Buzzetti, Valeria Frabetti
translation: Letizia Olivieri
director: Andrea Buzzetti
music: Recorded Music, Corky Siegel
movement: Silvia Traversi
lights: Giada Ciccolini
cast: Andrea Buzzetti

premiere date: February 18th 2012

I am the yellow of the sun, the blue of the sea, the light blue of the sky, the red of fire ... and I turn red when I get excited! I’m a bright street; I’m a feast. Oh... and darkness! And suddenly you cannot see me anymore! But you can hear my breath... I don’t speak, but I open and close my eyes. I have no feet, no hands and no legs, but I can follow you anywhere... I am Spot and I tell stories.

"Spot" is a very particular stage light. Its light shines and its means of expression are drawing shapes and colours on the floor. Simple words accompany the actors’ action, creating unity with the image made of lights, sounds and movement.

audience age group: 1–4
duration: 35 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.


"The Black Sheep"/"La Pecora Nera" – Teatro Distinto (Italy)

theatre director: Daniel Gol

script: Daniel Gol, Alessandro Nosotti, Laura Marchegiani
director: Daniel Gol
set design: Alessandro Nosotti
music: Les Baxter
cast: Daniel Gol, Alessandro Nosotti

premiere date: April 17th 2012

"Teatro Distinto offers performances that can be understood by everyone: they are staged without words and the storyline, emotions, feelings and the moral are conveyed through gestures and acting. This was a deliberate artistic choice in order to make their work stand out from others" – explains Laura Marchegiani, who founded this theatre company together with Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti.

"The main theme of the ‘Black Sheep’ is the question of diversity and a will to belong to a group while maintaining one’s identity. An identity constitutes an added value that should be cherished and preserved. The company itself also remains true to its identity, and to their fresh and innovative approach to ‘engaged’ theatre."
"Italian theatre companies take foreign festivals by storm, while there are no stages for them at home" ("Qui manca il palco ma le compagnie brillano in trasferta"), Valentina Frezzato, "La Stampa", June 19th 2013

audience age group: 3+
duration: 50 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.


"The Magical Theatrical Vending Machine"/"Zázračný divadelný automat" – Teatro Tatro (Slovakia)  

theatre director: Ondrej Spišák

director: Ondrej Spišák
set design: František Lipták
cast: Ondrej Spišák, Lukáš Latinák, Róbert Jakab, Milan Vojtela, Milan Ondrík, Martin Nahálka, Samuel Spišák

premiere date: February 2010

The Winter Olympic Games in the middle of May! A unique theatrical vending machine, programmed by the audience will bring the atmosphere and thrilling sports competitions of the Winter Olympic Games to Warsaw. All it takes is a spin of the wheel of fortune…

audience age group: 0–99
duration: 50 minutes


"Thumbelina"/"Palculienka" – Karol Spišak Old Theatre (Slovakia)

theatre director: Ondrej Spišak

based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen
director: Ivan Martinka
set design: Eva Farkašová, Martina Fintorová, Ivan Martinka
music: Andrej Kalinka
dramaturgy: Jana Šturdiková
cast: Andrea Sabová, Katarina Petrusová, Ivan Martinka, Lubomir Kratochvil

"Thumbelina" is a tale of looking for a true friend, of mutual respect and of helping others – even if they are different from us (smaller, larger…). A little girl wants to discover the world. She sets out on a journey and intuitively searches for a soulmate, someone with whom she could reach a mutual understanding. Thumbelina wants to belong, to be similar to someone. In her travels she will experience both joyful and difficult moments; sometimes she will be understood, and on other occasions her intentions will be misinterpreted. Thumbelina will discover that the most important thing is to help others when they are in trouble – only then can a true friendship be born. Thumbelina sees the world through the eyes of a child; she is like a clean slate. Everything she comes across is new to her. She does not know what danger is, and as a result she finds herself in highly surprising situations… however, she never gives up. She is always active, curious and tenacious.

audience age group: 3+
duration: 45 minutes


"Vitéz László Traditional Puppet Show"/"Vitéz László Tradícionális bábjáték" – BábSzínTér Puppet Theater (Hungary)

theatre director: János Pályi

author: János Pályi
director: Ildikó Kovács
set design: Gyula Majoros
live ambient effects: János Pályi
cast: János Pályi

This traditional Hungarian marketplace puppet show features two characters: Vitéz László and Paprika Jancsi. There are no records available to help us judge, which of the two appeared first, but both characters have an approximately 200-year-old history. Thanks to the 83-year-old master Henrik Kemény, László is still the most popular puppet character in Hungary. János Pályi picked up this tradition, spicing up the character by adding his own temperament and masterful play that has been recognised at several international puppet festivals.

A mill is haunted by demons and ghosts. They don't allow wheat to be ground. Without flour there is no bread and thus life itself becomes impossible (in Hungarian the word "life" also means "wheat", the most important grain for making bread). The miller asks Vitéz László to drive away the demons and ghosts. László takes on the mission and receives a bag of wheat, which is to be milled. The miller is too afraid to go with him and watch the fight with evil spirits, so he asks him to mill the bag of wheat before he comes back, as proof of the mill being ghost-free. Vitéz László tries to enter the mill but the demons and a ghost prevent him every time, and he even has to confront death.
In the end the mill mills again, and a bag of wheat turns to a bag of flour. The miller however wants to double-cross Vitéz László and keep his reward, so László has to teach him a lesson. His real award however is the audience's applause.

audience age group: 0–99
duration: 35 minutes

"We Used To Be Birds"/"Madarak Voltunk" – Mesebolt Puppet Theatre (Hungary)

theatre director: Géza Kovács

author: László Pál Galuska
director: Géza Kovács
set design: Szilárd Boráros
music: Zsigmond Lázár
dramaturgy: Szaida Khaled-Abdo
cast: Erika Császár, Emőke Dénes, Bálint Kovács, Zsuzsanna Kovács, Csongor Kőmíves, Zsuzsa Lehőcz, Dániel Takács

premiere date: December 20th 2012

We used to be birds once,
We used to live in God’s palms
We flew from one branch to another,
Anything we needed we found there.
Like the fluffy white clouds,
Our days were passing by.
And like a dream Also Death,
Came down to our land.

Where is this wonderful land? This is a place where Gergőce and Máriskó free an angel, sadden a witch, make the devil plough the soil and give wings to a donkey? A land where childhoods blossom, youth shines and adulthood ripens, and the winter of old ages arrives. A place where we were born, where we grew up, and where we always long to return. Of course, the only place to witness this magical land is onstage the Mesebolt Puppet Theatre, where small and grown-up children can watch. Do YOU like fairytales?

audience age group: 4+
duration: 60 minutes

Show is financially supported by the Balassi Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw.


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