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International performances


"By Hand" El Patio Theatre (Spain)
"Four Tales and the Queen" Ruti Tamir Theatre and Mime Theatre (Israel)
"Hercules" TYJÁTR Theatre(Slovakia)
"Kaytek, the Wizard" Luceafarul Theatre (Romania)
"Very Fragile" Teatrium on Serpukhovka(Russia) / Casa degli Alfieri Theatre Company (Italy)

"By Hand" El Patio Theatre (Spain)

directors of the theatre: Julián Sáenz-López i Izaskun Fernández
author, director, cast: Julián Sáenz-López i Izaskun Fernández

premiere: May 4, 2012
audience age group: 5+
duration:  45 min

“By Hand” is a sad but at the same time optimistic story told by a tiny manikin with... clay. His greatest desire is to run away from the shop window, from all those who inhabit it. The two performers offer the young audience a poetic tale about simple but very important matters in a special language – the language of hands. Not only do they bring to life everyday objects, but they also create a small format reality. It is a small format with a very big purpose: to move you profoundly. “By Hand” is a poetic tale of love, a story about small failures, a tiny pottery workshop and a potter’s wheel, about a cup that breathes and about two enthusiastic artists… A magic tale of three worlds: clay, modeling and theatre created for each and every spectator. The youngest, favoured with great sensitivity will certainly help their parents find answers to the questions posed in the spectacle.


"Four Tales and the Queen" - Ruti Tamir Theatre and Mime Theatre (Israel)

author, director & cast: Ruti Tamir
narrator: Bobby Lax
stage designer: Yuval Kedem
costume designer: Michal Sagie
music: Alberto Shwartz
director’s assistant: Pnina Gery
translation: Ruti Tamir, Rami Ofer

premiere: January 2013
audience age group: 6 to 10
duration: 40’ /without intermission/


Four stories wrapped in a fable:
A comedy in pantomime and in words for eight animals and one queen.

What happens when a Queen-Judge loses her reflection in the mirror one day? What happens to the the animals who come seeking her help? Will the queen ever see herself in the mirror again? And the animals? Will they ever stop bickering? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in “Four Fables and a Queen”.  


Frompress reviews:

"Tamir shifts from the Queen to the eight animals with striking, facinating fluency. Audiences get to experience the art of Mime and physical theater that is not very common, in a top quality theater performance."

"Gallery", Haaretz Israeli national newspaper

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"Hercules or the Conquest of Hell" - TYJATR Theatre (Slovakia)

director of the theatre:Ivan Gontko
author: Anton Anderle
script:  Miroslav Duša
director: Juraj Hamar
stage designer: Ďuro Balogh
music: Juraj Hamar na motywach pieśni ludowych
cast: Ivan Gontko, Ivana Gontková, Rebeka Gontková
puppets: Beata Westrych-Zazrivec, Jaroslav Štuller, Juraj Hamar

premiere June 26, 2010
audience age group: 3 +
duration: 40 min


A classic puppet performance based on a folk tale and adapted by Anton Anderle. The very first version of the text appeared 40 years ago and was presented on stage by the father and uncle of the author of the new adaptation.   
The inspiration for the show has been one of the many heroic deeds of the famous Hercules, the demi-god of Greek mythology. Hercules descended into Hades and liberated beautiful Alkestis after she had been taken there, forced by the Prince of Darkness to offer her life for the health of her husband. This is a sombre story but among the characters there will be a clown, who, while helping the king in his own peculiar way, will mock us all. He will be doing it to the sound of the good old barrel organ, an instrument which has almost completely disappeared from the streets and squares of our towns together with their unique atmosphere.
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"Kaytek, the Wizard" - Luceafarul Theatre (Romania)

author: Janusz Korczak
artistic director: Oltita Cintec
translation: Elena Larco
director, adaptation: Konrad Dworakowski
stage designer: Marika Wojciechowska
choreography: Jacek Owczarek
music: Piotr Klimek
video reproducing: Michał Zielony
cast: George Cocos, Beatrice Volbea, Liliana Mavris Varlan, Aurelian Diaconu, Ionela Arvinte, Ionut Ginju, Ioana Iordache, Carmen Mihalache, Dumitru Georgescu, Cristina Anca Ciubotaru (video), Alexandru Arvinte (voice), Ioan Trif (portrait)


In spite of its “advanced age” this tale has attracted many young fans. The presented spectacle tells about the beauty and the power of a child’s imagination, about having a great dream which suddenly comes true. Every one of us is in a certain way unusual but this little prankster Antoś whom everybody calls Kaytek is particularly unusual. The gift he possesses is absolutely extraordinary - he knows how to cast spells. His self-confidence and persistence gave him magic powers. Since the moment he discovered them in himself he is busily working on achieving perfection in “improving the world” by means of his little tricks, which will sometimes get out of hand. What confusion can that create! And you? Do you feel like learning a bit of magic? Come and get full instructions from Kaytek!
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"Very Fragile" Teatrium on Serpukhovka (Russia)/Casa degli Alfieri Theatre Company (Italy)

director of the theatre: Teresa Durova
author, director, composer, lighting: Antonio Catalano
music accompaniment: Olga Sidorkevich
stage design: warsztaty "Teatrium na Serpukhovka n / p Teresa Durowa"
curator: Teresa Durov, Marina Raikin
cast: Nikolai Zverev, zasłużony artysta rosyjski Rafael Nagjaf - Zade

premiera 2 luty 2013r. / premiere: February 2, 2013
spektakl dla widzów od 1 roku życia / audience age group: 1+
czas trwania spektaklu: 35 minut /bez przerwy/ / duration: 35 min /without intermission/

"Very Fragile" is a simple and touching story about friendship between two brothers. During thirty five minutes on stage they go through their whole life: they travel, they quarrel and make peace and finally make an impostant discovery – it is necessary to help each other. It is a story which does not require words. Only a few - life, work and food - can be heard from the stage, but it is full of emotions which invade and overwhelm young spectators. Before the performance you are invited to see the artistic installation created by Antonio Catalano. For twenty minutes the little and the big will be transported into the only-one-of-its-kind world of nature and dreamy magic. Each one of you will have a unique chance to become a part of this marvellous land and be enchanted by its fragility.
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